Brookstone Tennis - TL Hanna Boys

TL Hanna Boys

T. L. Hanna High School Tennis State Champions!

T.L. Hanna senior Jack Chamblee could feel the magnitude of the moment with each passing point. The senior tennis player was deadlocked in a tiebreaker set against Wade Hampton's Parker Stambaugh with their teams' fates at stack. 

Hanna and Wade Hampton were competing in the Class AAAAA Upper State championship. At last, Chamblee won the tiebreaker 10-7 and soon after collapsed onto the court.

"I was just very, very proud," Chamblee said. "The stakes were high there, and I just had to stick to my game." 

A few minutes later, fellow senior Duncan Hoggs won a tiebreaker by a score of 13-11 that made T.L. Hanna's championship dreams a reality. 

"I knew the match was going to be tight," Hoggs said. "Mental toughness prevails every time in that third set. It really hasn't hit me yet, but I'm very ecstatic. It's very big chance for us."