Belton Tennis Association - Draws, Seeding & Selectioon

Draws, Seeding & Selection


  • The 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U singles draws will be limited to 64  players and include a consolation (Feed-in or Curtis TBD based on entries).  The consolation will not be played to conclusion to avoid playeres having 3 singles matches in 1 day.
  • The 10U singles will be limited to 32 players who will play on a 78' court with a green ball.  Singles will be divided into a Championship draw with the 16 highest ranked players and a Blue draw with the next 16 players.  A compass draw will be used for both groups and will be played in 2 days...Saturday and Sunday.  It is likely 3 singles matches will be required one day.  The 10 Palmetto Champions will come from the yellow ball competition.
  • Doubles draws are not limited and have no consolation.  All playeres who enter doubles with a partner will be placed in the draws. Note...players must enter doubles in the same age division as singles and must have a partner.  The tournament will not match exceptions!  Players who enter without a partner will be removed from the event.  If you do not have a partner please do not enter doubles.
  • If you enter doubles be prepared to be at the tournament early and stay late, and possibly stay over an extra day for doubles after you have been eliminated from singles.


Because the Palmetto is a Level 5 tournament, the USTA National Seedings Lists will be the primary consideration used. The Seeding Criteria is as follows:


Seeding will be based primarily on the USTA National Singles Seedings Lists of the division in the order in which players appear on the list.

In addition to the list, other criteria may be considered:

  • Players who have a standing in a younger age division may be seeded in any group of seeds if they are in the top 10 of the USTA National Singles Seedings Lists of any younger age division.
  • Players with current top 50 USTA National standing, top 100 ITF ranking, top 1000 ATP or WTA ranking may be considered for seeding.
  • Players with high standings in older age divisions may be considered for seeding.


Seeding will be based primarily on the USTA National Doubles Seeding List of the division in the order in which doubles teams appear on the list.  Other criteria (as listed under singles seeding) may be considered.

There will be approximately one seed for every four players in the draw. Seeds 5-8 and 9-16 (if necessary) will be alphabetical.


  • Since the singles draws are limited as noted above, if entries exceed the number of available spots, selection will be baed primarily on the USTA National Selection Combined Standing List as of May 18, 2023.
  • All players who wish to play in the tournament should enter regardless of standing.  A player's standing may be lower than #64 (12U through 18U) or #32 (10U), but a numberr of players have a standing in more than one age division, and other players in the top 64 may not enter.  Based on past experience it is unlikely draws will fill and every player who enters will have an excellent chance of being selected for the tournament.  Note...your credit card will not be charged until you are selected to play in the tournament.