Belton Tennis Association - Officers, Board of Directors & Committees

Officers, Board of Directors & Committees


  • President:  Jean Anne Maynard
  • Vice-President:  Open
  • Secretary:  Kathleen Maynard
  • Treasurer:  Rex Maynard

Board Members:

  • Molly Boiter
  • Caroline Brown
  • Austin Finley
  • Emily Keys
  • Charles LeCroy
  • Maxine LeCroy 
  • Kathleen Maynard
  • Caroline B. Price (Immediate Past President)

Committees & Chairs:

  • Tournament-Rex Maynard
  • Junior Recreation-Maxine LeCroy
  • Schools-Kathleen Maynard
  • Adult Tennis-Molly Boiter
  • Grounds, Building & Courts-Charles LeCroy
  • Social- Jean Anne Maynard
  • Public Relations, Website & Social Media-Emily Keys
  • Fundraising-Austin Finley
  • Nominating-Jean Anne Maynard


Belton Tennis Association Mission Statement

Develop and grow the game of tennis in the Belton community by using our facilities, equipment, funds, staff and volunteers to provide the best possible programs, events, socials, tournaments, lessons, clinics and any other activities possible.

As many people as possible….

            As often as possible….

                        Playing tennis in Belton….

                                    For fitness, fun, recreation and competition!!!!!!!


Board Responsibilities

  1. Attend board and committee meetings.
  2. Handle the following items at board meetings:
  • Approve the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Review the most recent financial information
  • Committee reports
  • Old and new business
  1. Support BTA with a financial or in-kind donation.
  2. Handle the business of the Belton Tennis Association and insure the bylaws are followed.
  3. Maintain an active partnership with USTA South Carolina.
  4. Approve an annual budget, and insure the association remains within budget and is financially sound.
  5. Approve special expenditures not included in the budget.
  6. Chair a committee and serve on one or two additional committees.
  7. Elect new board members and officers.


Committee Responsibilities

  1. Handle responsibilities as outlined in the committee job descriptions.
  2. Set goals, make plans and take action to meet these goals. 
  3. Meet as necessary (at least quarterly) to accomplish these goals.
  4. Spend budgeted dollars toward these goals.  The committee has the authority to spend budgeted dollars without further board approval.
  5. Request additional funding when the budget is not sufficient.
  6. Report to the board monthly.