Western Tidewater Tennis Association - Franklin & Suffolk Virginia Tennis & Pickleball Programs

Franklin & Suffolk Virginia Tennis & Pickleball Programs

To register for WTTA programs, create a USTA.com account by clicking the Register button in the top right-hand corner, then proceed below.

WTTA Membership Required

To participate in our programs, being a member of the Western Tidewater Tennis Association (WTTA) is mandatory. Single WTTA memberships are priced at $25/year, and family memberships are $50/year. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support if you are already a WTTA member. Being a member grants you access to our events and provides various benefits and opportunities within our vibrant tennis community. You can join by visiting here.

CCCC Non-Members

There is a $5 guest fee per time for non-club members (NM) in WTTA sponsored programming. It is preferred you pay via Venmo at @cccctennis (add a note: guest fee) or give the money to the WTTA representative, and they will place it in the secured lockbox. Or you can join the CCCC as a tennis member for $30/month and play all you want.

Open Pickleball Play (all levels)

We invite players of all levels to join us for open play times. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, we have a welcoming and inclusive environment that caters to everyone's skill level. Join us for open play at the following times.

  • Currently at the Cypress Cove Country Club, 30333 Country Club Rd. Franklin, VA 23851
  • Wednesdays 9-11am, Wednesdays 6-8pm, in July-August only, Thursdays 6-8pm, except July-August Sundays 6-8pm
  • Team Reach App: To stay updated with regular communications, we use the Team Reach App with Group Code WTTA PB. We encourage you to join us there to receive the latest updates and connect with other players to coordinate game times that work for you.
  • New Guests at Pickleball Open Play: Feel free to bring your friends, family, and fellow pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy some great games together. New guests must provide their name and email to a WTTA representative. We have additional paddles available to use. Your first 2 open play events are free (you still have to pay the $5 CCCC non-member fee if applicable), but after that, a WTTA membership is required to play.