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2022 STA Doubles Tournament

The Spearfish Tennis Association is holding a round robin doubles tournament on December 17, 2022 at the Donald E. Young Center in Spearfish, SD. There will be two divisions consisting of a maximum of six doubles team each, with signup on a first come, first serve basis, with an alternates list in case a team cancels This is a recreational tournament, and teams can be all male, all female or mixed.

REGISTRATION CLOSED - Division A: Experienced players (HS/College/USTA)
Link to Division A schedule of play and results


REGISTRATION CLOSED - Division B: Novice, recreational
Link to Division B schedule of play and results

Final determination will be by the tournament director.

Teams in each division will play 5 matches. Matches will be 8 game pro sets with a 7 point tiebreaker at 7 games each, all using no ad scoring. There will be a maximum time limit of one hour for a match.

Play will alternate with Division A matches using all three courts at 9am followed by Division B matches.

Cost is $20/player ($15/player for active STA members) payable when you check in for the tournament.

Click on this link to register

Click on this link to see what teams have registered

Contact Joe Doerges if you have any question.

Event Rules

  • Matches
    • Round Robin format
    • 8 game pro sets with a 7 point tiebreaker at 7 all
    • No-Ad scoring. If game score is tied at 40 all, the receiving team decides which side they will receive serve (deuce or ad), The winner of the point wins the game
  • Matches will start with Division A at 9am
  • 1 hour with no warmup
  • If a match ends before 1 hour, the next scheduled match will be put on
  • At the 50 minute mark
    • If play is on serve, teams will play a 7 point tiebreaker
    • If one team is ahead by 2 games or more they continue to play
  • If teams are tied at the 57 minute mark
    • Teams will play a championship point. There will be a racket spin and the winner will serve. The receiving team will choose to receive serve in the deuce or ad court.