Eyes on the Ball Tennis - Equipment


Appropriate-sized equipment prevents injuries and allows for good technique to be developed that will stay with your child as they grow into longer racquets.   Plus, swinging racquet that is too heavy is just not fun!  Racquets in kid-appropriate sizes will be available for use.

If you want your child to have their own racquet, here are some general guidelines for choosing the appropriate size.  Racquets can be purchased online or at many stores with sports equipment (Dick’s, Walmart, etc.) and typically cost $15-$25.

As children grow, their racquet needs will change.  Age is a starting point and is typically listed on racquet packaging but there are other factors to consider.  The child must be able to comfortably control and swing the racquet.  Child height is also helpful.   See below.

A great way to choose is:

  1. Have child stand up straight. 
  2. Stand the racquet, handle end up, next to their foot (right foot, if right-handed).
  3. Check that the child can hold the handle near the end without the racquet touching the ground but it should extend below his/her ankle.

Note ages are in general.  Look also at height and confirm as described above.

Under 39″ Tall:  19” racquet (less than age 5)

40”-44” Tall:   21” racquet (age 5-6)

45”-49” Tall:  23” racquet (age 7-8, 9-10)

50”-55” Tall:  25” racquet (age 9-10)

Over 55” Tall:  26”-racquet (age 11-12)

An adult-size racquet of 27" is the next size.  Note that there are longer adult racquets which may be difficult for a child to swing with a controlled and fluid stroke.