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Summer Camps

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Harvey Cedars, Beach Haven & Stafford Twp. 

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Our Goal

When people think of a tennis match, they often envision the classic adult game, played on a 78’ court with a full-size net and a high bouncing yellow tennis ball.  However, appropriate-sized courts and equipment exist for children to be successful, have fun, and learn proper techniques, movement and tactics.

We provide local opportunities in LBI and Stafford Twp, NJ for children (ages 4-12) to learn and play tennis.  


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Our goals are for children to:

  • Develop a strong foundation of tennis and athletic skills and a love of tennis.
  • Enjoy all aspects of tennis, locally- from learning in game-based play to playing matches.
  • Continue to build their technical, tactical and mental tennis skills as they progress through our programs and beyond.

We are modeled after Net Generation, the USTA’s program for children’s tennis. It includes an expert-developed framework with stages of competencies for athletic (coordination, agility, balance), tennis-specific, and character development. These are taught in fun and engaging games where children are playing with each other as they learn.   We use appropriate-sized (kid-sized) racquets and courts as well as red, orange or green balls (depending on age/ability) that bounce lower and move slower than a yellow tennis ball.  This allows children to be successful while learning good technique, court movement, and tactics that they can continue to develop through our programs and beyond.                   

Tennis is a sport that can be played for a lifetime.  It has mental and social aspects, in addition to developing movement skills helpful for many activities.  Tennis teaches important life skills that are emphasized in our programs-respect, confidence, resiliency, goal-setting, striving to improve, focus on the moment, problem solving and moving on to the “next point”.  

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