All Court Tennis Inc - Programming


Little Tiger Tennis Time
Little Tiger Tennis Time is specifically tailored to teach young people the skills and movements of tennis. Several different levels of coaching are offered, from beginner basics to advanced guidance.

Red Ball Clinic
This group clinic is specially designed to teach the youngest children the basics of tennis. Children ages 5-8 will learn how to develop hand-eye coordination, develop control and consistency over the tennis ball, and learn the basic mechanics of the sport of tennis.

Orange Ball Clinic
This more intermediate-level tennis clinic caters to youth ages 8-10. It focuses on making rallies and point construction easier for the young player, and also teaches how to exercise certain strategies on the tennis court to win more matches.

Green/Yellow Ball Clinic
This advanced level of coaching is designed for ages 10-12. This level teaches older players how to build their tennis game around an expert strategy, and also teaches players precision shot placement that will win many matches in the future.

Adult and Teen Programs
This set of clinics and coaching is tailored for more adult players and teens who have had more experience with the sport. Competitive match play, one-on-one coaching, and many other experiences will be implemented into each weekly session that is signed up for.

Couch to Court
Similar to a beginner's course, this clinic will teach adults all about the basics of tennis and how to get active and healthy while playing the sport. 

Intro to Match
This area of intermediate experience will teach adult players how to move around the court strategically, and how to anticipate an opponent's shots. Players will be prepared for basic match play against others of similar skill. 

Match Coaching
The Match Coaching clinic will train experienced adults who are looking to improve their match play and overall performance. Advanced court movement, strategic shot selection, and match play strategy will all be taught to adults who are interested in becoming tournament-level players.