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All Court Tennis Inc. is committed to helping neighborhoods, schools, home owner associations, and public courts introduce players of all ages and abilities to tennis. Players will improve rapidly and be taught the modern tennis game.

Tennis is the sport of a lifetime. Available to all ages and levels of skill, it teaches you many things, from advanced coordination to time management.

All Court Tennis is a company dedicated to giving you the best, most efficient and safe way to learn the sport of tennis. Using All Court Tennis' unmatchable methodology, players can achieve their most sought-after tennis aspirations. 

Raul Rodriguez, the founder and owner of All Court Tennis Inc, is committed to growing the game of tennis at the grassroots level. The grassroots levels are beginner adults and the 10 and under tennis group. 


AllCourt Tennis has a unique and modern style of teaching players in a way that truly impacts their learning and what they will encounter in a match. Our curriculum involves using of combination of professionally tested data and prior coaching experience to deliver the most efficient and successful way of learning. We believe the most important segment of a match is the first strike. The first Strike is the 0-4 shot rally length of a point. 70% of points in tennis end within 0-4 shots. If you dominate this essential area of the game of tennis, you will find extreme success in your matches to come. 

The next segment of a point, Patterns of Play, consists of 5-8 shots and only occurs 20% of the time. The last, most rare part of a tennis point, the Extended Rally, consists of 9 or more shots, and only happens 10% of the time in a match. Look at typical lessons all over the world, and in an hour-long lesson, the only thing rigorously practiced is groundstrokes, consistency, and shot tolerance, all for what? Mindless forehands and backhands dominate practices all around the globe, at the expense of serves and returns. But not on our court! We have extensively studied hundreds of matches and practices to tailor the most effective coaching experience. 

Raul Rodriguez
My vision of how tennis should be properly coached and executed was nurtured by my college, The Citadel. I built this company around the core values that my mentors and coaches taught me at the beginning of my tennis career.

USPTA Elite Level Pro
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