Tennis Nashville Inc - Meetup House Rules

Meetup House Rules

  1. Donations: Tennis Nashville Meetup is a free service (unless court fees are required). Hosts are not compensated for their time; Tennis Nashville makes zero profit on this program. Players who frequent events should consider a small monthly donation to help us thank your hosts and support our operations. Venmo: @tennisnashville22

  2. Guests: All players for an event must be registered users of meetup, signed up with their own username . If an event allows adding guests, please do not utilize this feature.

  3. Player interactions: Meetup is a social, fun event. Rude, disruptive or intolerant behavior will NOT be permitted. You may be permanently removed from the group and/or asked to leave a Meetup event for inappropriate behavior.

  4. RSVP: If you sign up, show up! An RSVP is a promise to attend the event. Please update RSVPs early to give notice to waiting players. After a no-show (failing to show up or cancelling with little notice before the event starts), the individual will not be permitted to sign up for the following week's event. In the event of an emergency, please reach out to your host for an exception. Multiple no-shows will result in probation from all events.

    Note: If you remain on the waitlist at the time the meetup begins, please do not attend without permission from the host.
  5. Equipment: No equipment will be provided by the meetup hosts or Tennis Nashville. Players are expected to bring tennis balls and their own racquets. If you have not contributed balls to your tennis meetup, please consider a contribution next time you play.
  6. Late arrivals: Players will play in the order of arrival, if you are late you may have to wait to be rotated into the event (based on number of players). Players who are more than 15 minutes late to the event may forfeit their spot on the court if another player is present/ready to play at host's discretion. Please keep your host/group updated on late arrivals via the app: post on the Event page or send a Meetup Message.

  7. Skill level: If a meetup indicates a particular skill level, hosts are encouraged to ensure the players meet criteria. A host may let you know that other meetups might be more appropriate for your skill and ask you to not return until you meet the criteria. Please know this is only to keep all of our events competitive and fun. If you are unsure about the event, please message your host! The NTRP guidlines page can help you self-evaluate your rating.

  8. Court fees: Some meetups may have court fees in order to guarantee court availability. Failure to pay court fees will result in removal from the group. 

  9. Public courts: Please be familiar with the rules posted by the Nashville Parks department:

  10. Discussion Groups: All meetup members may post messages in our discussion group on Common courtesy standards apply for all interactions, virtual and personal. The meetup organizer reserves the right to remove any discussions or posts which are discourteous, disruptive, solicitous, or not on-topic.

  11. Trash on the tennis courts: Leave the courts in better condition than they are found.

  12. No solicitation: The purpose of joining Tennis Nashville Meetup group is to look for opportunities to play with other tennis players. Anyone joining for the purpose of advertising any product or service, or for soliciting membership for any purposes not specifically approved by meetup organizers, is subject to being removed from Tennis Nashville Meetup membership.

  13. Concerns/complaints: If you have a concern or complaint, please raise the issue to your event host or email

  14. Hosts: Hosts are volunteers, please be courteous and thank them for their time and effort. The house rules are general guidelines, hosts may have more guidelines for their events. These will be posted on the event page.