Tennis Nashville Inc - Host Responsibilities

Host Responsibilities

Tennis Nashville Meetup (TNM) is very grateful to all of our wonderful volunteers who host events! In order for all events to maintain consistency, please understand the following on-court expectations:

  1. Host arrival: Hosts must either arrive early to ensure courts or discuss court reservation options/confirm with Tennis Nashville admin. A host MUST arrive on time for their event or delegate one co-host. If a host routinely fails to attend their event (timely) without emergency, they will be removed from host status.
  2. Host absence: If a host will be absent, they must delegate an interim host and communicate responsibilities with them, then assign them as the host in the meetup app. In the event no host can be secured, please email TNM admin. It will never be acceptable for an event to run without a host.
  3. Players: Rotate players throughout for fun play, engage players and support a friendly environment. Play format is at the discretion of each host.
  4. Skill level: In the event your Meetup is set to a level or range of levels, hosts are responsible for gate-keeping. If a player is not suited for the event, hosts must communicate to them respectfully that other meetups might be more appropriate unless/until their skill level meets criteria for play. A host may then remove a player from the RSVP list for any subsequent events.
  5. House rules: The host is responsible for enforcing all of the Meetup house rules and communicating to a player when they are in violation. Tennis Nashville will support all hosts, if needed, however the first course of action should be taken by the host in real time when able.
  6. Event cancellation: In the event of weather cancellation, the host is responsible for making the decision to cancel and notifying the group timely in the Meetup platform.
  7. Court fees: In the event a Meetup has reserved courts for a fee, the host is responsible for soliciting the fees from each player via Venmo to their own account, then paying in total to Tennis Nashville. The host is not required to pay a court fee. 
  8. Balls: The host should bring some balls for the event, however they may be in any condition just as a back up option. It is always the player’s responsibility to bring new/gently used balls. At times, Tennis Nashville may supply the host with balls to use at meetup.
  9. Host recruitment: Hosts are encouraged to recruit and mentor new hosts! There is no need for a long waitlist if we can solicit more hosts!

Administrative expectations


  1. Events must be posted a minimum of 5 days and maximum of 10 days in advance. Set your guest count to 1, ensure your event is announced, and do not allow guests. 
  2. Events must be for a minimum of 2 courts/8 players unless approved by TNM admin. (example, indoor courts during winter may be excluded from this requirement)
  3. All event descriptions must adhere to the same format, hosts wil receive this information in onboarding email.
  4. At the conclusion of an event, complete the player check in:
    • Mark attending players and absent or no show players accordingly
    • In the event a player has a last minute cancelation that is approved by the host, there is no need to mark "no show" 
    • In the event a player drops prior to play, move them back to "attending" and mark them as a "no show" at host discretion (see above). 
  5. For recurring/weekly events, copy/paste your next week's event at the conclusion of the day's event. Set the guest count to 1, ensure the event is announced. We are no longer allowing weekly/recurring event posts, they must now be posted individually each week. 
  6. Communicate with your players prior to play, remind them to check their RSVP and give any updates on weather concerns if necessary.
  7. Remove any "no show" players from the attending list if they have violated the RSVP policy during the prior week.  Hosts may refer them to the RSVP policy or TNM admin if any issues.



  1. TNM admin will personally onboard any new host or cohost to ensure understanding of house rules, duties and use of the Meetup platform. Prospective hosts can be directed to TNM admin to get started via Single event hosts (substitutes) are not required to have onboarding unless they will be co-hosting in the future.
  2. TNM admin will move PRO membership players over during the first 24 hours of the registration window, and then open to the maximum after 24 hours.
  3. TNM admin (under the Tennis Nasvhille username) will address any players marked "no show" each week via meetup message. Hosts are not required to interact with a player prior to removing them from the attending list.
  4. TNM admin (under the Tennis Nasvhille username) will monitor and address any players with repeated issues including violoations of house rules, inappropriate behavior and frequent absences from events.

Pro Memberships

This program has been retired. All current/expiring members will be granted the 24 hour priority registration window until 10/31/24.

Paid Meetups  

At times, it may be prudent to reserve courts to ensure court availability. 

Paid meetups come with the following expectations:

  1. They have prior approval and courts are reserved by Tennis Nashville

  2. A host is present to conduct the order of play and collect fees

    • Hosts are not required to pay a court fee in exchange for the effort of hosting/collecting fees. (8 players per 1 host ratio)

Standard pricing structure: All paid meetups will have the same pricing structure regardless of court location: $6/player/meetup for doubles and $12/player/meetup for singles.

Fee collection: Hosts will be asked to collect fees personally either by providing their own Venmo/Zelle information, or in cash. Once fees are collected, hosts will send the bulk fees to @tennisnashville22 on Venmo. Any players who fail to pay or respond to the host request for fee payment should be promptly reported to TNM admin.