Tennis Nashville Inc - Host Responsibilities

Host Responsibilities

  1. Host arrival: Hosts must either arrive early to ensure courts or discuss court reservation options/confirm with Tennis Nashville admin. A host MUST arrive on time for their event or delegate one co-host. If a host routinely fails to attend their event (timely) without emergency, they will be removed from host status.
  2. Host absence: If a host will be absent, they must delegate an interim host and communicate responsibilities with them, then assign them as the host in the meetup app.
  3. Host recruitment: Hosts are encouraged to recruit and mentor new hosts! There is no need for a long waitlist if we can solicit more hosts!
  4. Players: Rotate players throughout for fun play, engage players and support a friendly environment.
  5. Skill level: In the event your Meetup is set to a level or range of levels, hosts are responsible for gate-keeping. If a player is not suited for the event, hosts must communicate to them respectfully that other meetups might be more appropriate unless/until their skill level meets criteria for play. A host may then remove a player from the RSVP list for any subsequent events.
  6. House rules: The host is responsible for enforcing all of the Meetup house rules and communicating to a player when they are in violation. Tennis Nashville will support a host, if needed.
  7. Event cancellation: In the event of weather cancellation, the host is responsible for making the decision to cancel and notifying the group timely in the Meetup platform.
  8. Court fees: In the event a Meetup has reserved courts for a fee, the host is responsible for soliciting the fees from each player via Venmo. The host is not required to pay a court fee.
  9. Balls: The host should bring some balls for the event, however they may be in any condition. It is the player’s responsibility to bring new/gently used balls.
  10. Scheduling: Events should be opened for RSVP no more than 2 weeks in the future.



The Tennis Nashville website ( is the reference for all hosts and players. If there is confusion, please consult it.

For meetup-related queries, feel free to reach out to Board Members on Meetup. You can also email us at


Pro Memberships

Tennis Nashville has introduced an annual membership called Tennis Nashville Pro Membership. It costs $60/year ($5/month).

Players can sign up for the membership here:

Pro membership benefits include:

  1. free Pro Member-only events,

  2. frequent player rewards on paid meetups,  and

  3. advance 24 hr registration window for free meetups.

For a full list of benefits, see here:

Event hosts will be provided with a list of Pro Members.


Paid Meetups (Effective 11/5)

Standard pricing structure: All paid meetups will now have the same pricing structure. $6/player/meetup for doubles, and $12/player/meetup for singles.

Fee collection: Additionally, hosts will be asked to collect fees personally. Either by providing their own Venmo/Zelle information, or in cash. Once fees are collected, hosts will send the bulk fees to @tennisnashville22 on Venmo.

Frequency player benefit: Pro members get a frequent player card (see image). For every 4 paid events played, they get the 5th event free. Hosts should initial and date the cards for Pro members to keep track.


Paid meetups come with the following expectation:

  1. They have prior approval from Tennis Nashville

  2. They are done for reserved courts

  3. A host is present to conduct the order of play

  4. The host ensures that level of play matches the event by: making announcements on events. For players not meeting skill level, hosts may directly message players, or have an in-person conversation with them privately.


Free Meetups

Pro Members get the first 24 hrs to sign up for free meetups. You can do this by:

  1. Changing the meetup attendance, before RSVPs open, to 0 for the first 24 hrs,

  2. Manually adding wait-listed Pro Members to "going",

  3. Then, after 24 hrs, changing event attendance to its default size. Wait-listed players will get added in order of sign-ups.

For example: An event for 12 players opens RSVPs on 10:30am 1 week before on Sunday. Before it opens, change event to "0" players. For the first 24 hrs, until 10:30am on Monday, manually add wait-listed players who are Pro  Members. Then after Monday 10:30am, change attendance back to 12.



Thank you for hosting 🙂 Please keep in mind house rules, and host duties. If anyone you know wants to be a host, please get in touch!

Hosts get their court fees waived for attendance equal to or larger than 8 players.

Please note, you will be provided with a list of Pro Members so you can manage events easily.



  1. Link to the Pro Membership website on your meetup events

  2. Update paid meetup descriptions to reflect standard fee structure for all paid events starting 11/5

  3. Provide payment information on paid meetups to collect fees personally

  4. Change free events so Pro members can sign up 24 hrs in advance

  5. Bring a pen/marker to paid meetups so you can initial Pro Members' cards