Tennis Nashville Inc - Host Responsibilities

Host Responsibilities

  1. Host arrival: Hosts must either arrive early to ensure courts or discuss court reservation options/confirm with Tennis Nashville admin. A host MUST arrive on time for their event or delegate one co-host. If a host routinely fails to attend their event (timely) without emergency, they will be removed from host status.
  2. Host absence: If a host will be absent, they must delegate an interim host and communicate responsibilities with them, then assign them as the host in the meetup app.
  3. Host recruitment: Hosts are encouraged to recruit and mentor new hosts! There is no need for a long waitlist if we can solicit more hosts!
  4. Players: Rotate players throughout for fun play, engage players and support a friendly environment.
  5. Skill level: In the event your Meetup is set to a level or range of levels, hosts are responsible for gate-keeping. If a player is not suited for the event, hosts must communicate to them respectfully that other meetups might be more appropriate unless/until their skill level meets criteria for play. A host may then remove a player from the RSVP list for any subsequent events.
  6. House rules: The host is responsible for enforcing all of the Meetup house rules and communicating to a player when they are in violation. Tennis Nashville will support a host, if needed.
  7. Event cancellation: In the event of weather cancellation, the host is responsible for making the decision to cancel and notifying the group timely in the Meetup platform.
  8. Court fees: In the event a Meetup has reserved courts for a fee, the host is responsible for soliciting the fees from each player via Venmo. The host is not required to pay a court fee.
  9. Balls: The host should bring some balls for the event, however they may be in any condition. It is the player’s responsibility to bring new/gently used balls.
  10. Scheduling: Events should be opened for RSVP no more than 2 weeks in the future.