NE Texas Coalition Ta - NETX Local Rules

NETX Local Rules

(modified:2023/May Rule 2.2 modified,  August 31, 2016 some format changes on 2017/11/29, 2019/3/4 rule 5.7 changed)

General - Section 1

  1. League matches will follow the rules established on the USTA national website. 
    Exceptions and clarifications are the subject of the USTA Local League Rules.

  2. The USTA official publication “The Code” and "Friend at Court" are available on the USTA national website.
     For the USTA Nation League Resource page click here

  3. A player may play only one NTRP level (0.5) above his or her published self-rate or computer rating.

Match Play - Section 2

  1. The captain responsibilities:
    1. Know the national, state and local usta rules
    2. Enforce good sportsmanship on matters of behavior of players & spectators
    3. Establish the line ups and communicate with team members
    4. Make sure courts and balls are provided for home matches
    5. Record scores on the computer within 48 hours of the played match
  2. Players may be added to roster until the day of first scheduled match in each division.
  3. The captain is responsible for accurately reporting scores.  If an incorrect score is posted, email the league coordinator with the match # and details
  4. Matches are regular scoring with a Coman tiebreaker used in lieu of a third set.
    Set tiebreaks (first to 7, win by 2) should be played at 6-6
    Match tiebreaks (first to 10, win by 2) should be played for 3rd set.
  5. Exchanging line-ups must be done 5 minutes prior to the scheduled match time.  Warm-up can be taken up to 15 minutes after the scheduled match time.
  6. Lateness starts at the time the match is scheduled to begin.  After 15 minutes, the match will be considered a forfeit.
  7. Match play must begin no later than 15 minutes after the designated start time. 
    1. No line shall begin play before the 15 minutes default time has passed unless all players from the higher singles/doubles positions are present. 
    2. Defaults must be from the bottom up.  (line 2 singles or line 3 doubles).  Teams are to be moved up as a whole team. 
  8. No player may be replaced or switched on the scorecard except under the following conditions:
    1.  An injury occurs during warm-up or a player fails to show up and an eligible replacement can be made within the default time.
    2. In the event that players from different lines are unavailable for play, the available player from the lower line may take the place of the unavailable player from the higher line to form a new team at the higher position.
  9. Cell phones and other electronic devices are to be turned off during play.  Should a player’s communication device go off during play, their opponent may call a let on the first offense and warn the offender that any subsequent offense will result in the loss of that point.
  10. Coaching is NOT allowed during a USTA league.
  11. No match is to be rescheduled without the consent of the coordinator unless it is inclement weather.


Schedule of Play:
      Mon:  M&W 3.0; Mixed 6.0 & 9.0
      Tues:  M&W 3.5; Mixed 7.0
      Wed:  M&W 4.5 & W2.5
      Thurs:  M&W 4.0; Mixed 8.0

The League Coordinator reserves the right to schedule matches on additional nights if needed to finish the league on a timely basis.

Forfeits/Team Defaults - Section 3

  1. A team must play the majority of lines each team match or it is considered a team default.  In the event of a team default, a team will default the remaining matches in their schedule and all of their played matches will be removed from the team standings.  (If the team is in a 2nd round robin, only the results from the 2nd round robin will be removed.  If the schedule is a single round robin, or the default is in the first round robin, all matches will be removed from the standings)
  2. At the conclusion of the season, if all teams in contention to win the league have already played the defaulting team in good faith, the matches stand as played.  Otherwise, all matches of the defaulting team shall be null and void.
  3. Matches must be forfeited starting from the bottom or last position.
  4. If at the end of the season, there is a make up match that does not affect the outcome of the league, this match is not required to be played.

Complaint/Grievance: - Section 4

  1. Points played in good faith stand.  If a disagreement arises on court it should be resolved before play resumes.  Detailed information may be found in Friend at Court “The Code” available on the USTA website.  Match results will stand as played. 
  2. To place a formal complaint/grievance, it must be presented in writing to the NETX coordinator within 5 days of the occurrence by the team captain or acting captain that was present at the match.  All grievances require a $50 fee, which will be returned if the grievance is upheld.
  3. If the matter is a NTRP protest, a written protest must be submitted by a team captain directly to Todd Reed, Ratings Coordinator, USTA Texas at  Computer rated players cannot be protested.

Inclement Weather - Section 5

  1. The Home Captain determines the condition at the match site.  If there is a Severe Weather Warning declared by the National Weather Service within one hour of the scheduled match time in the county where you are scheduled to play, the match will automatically be postponed.
  2. If the teams have assembled, they must be prepared to wait at least one hour to determine if the courts will be playable.
  3. If match play has not begun, the line up can be changed for the make up match.  A team is not held to any defaulted lines given.
  4. If the match has begun (first service attempt), the score and the order of serving will be recorded so that the match can be resumed at the same point.
  5. Do not cancel for rain until the afternoon of the match.
  6. All make up matches must be completed within 2 weeks of the last scheduled match.
  7. If the actual temperature or the wind chill factor is 40 or below, one hour prior to the scheduled match, the match may be rescheduled. Team Captains may choose to play the match in any weather.