Florence Tennis Association - League Winners

2023 Adult Spring League Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 Adult League Season Winners.  The following teams will be representing the PD region at the USTA-SC Championships: 

18 and Over 

2.5W-Huggins/EBE  Captain: Susan Huggins

3.0W-Storr/EBE Captain: Kameron Storr

3.0M-Long/FCC Captain: Matt Long

3.5W-Wallace/FTC Captain: Christina Wallace

3.5M-Sndyer/FTC Captain: Tom Snyder

4.0W-Cintron/FTC Captain: Lorna Citron Gonzalez

4.0M-McCabe/FCC Captain: Matthew McCabe

40 and Over

3.0W-Weinberg/PTC Captain: Pam Weinberg

3.5W-O'Hare/PTC Captain: Lucy O'Hare

3.5M-Snyder/FTC Captain: Tom Snyder

4.0W-Weaver/FTC Captain: Merryn Weaver

55 and Over

3.0W-Owens/BYP Captain: Lynn Owens

3.5W-O'Hare/PTC Captain: Lucy O'Hare

3.5M-White/FTC Captain: Dwayne White

4.0W-McCaffrey/PTC Captain: Annette McCaffrey

4.0M-Johnson/FTC Captain: Tony Johnson

65 and Over


70 and Over

3.5W-Freeman/FTC Captain: Linda Freeman

Thank you to all captains and players for a great adult league season.