Tennis Association of Central Kentucky - Volunteering


If you are interested in volunteering in Central Kentucky to support the local tennis community, there are several opportunities readily available:

If you are interested in volunteering your team at the state level with USTA Kentucky, visit their Volunteer page.


USTA Championship Tournaments

Lexington often hosts the championship tournaments for the State (District) or the Southern Section. During those events, volunteers are needed to work a location hosting matches (e.g. local clubs, parks, or schools with tennis courts). This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some great tennis while giving back! Volunteer responsibilities would include:

  • Setting up and/or tearing down the location supplies (e.g. tent, table, trash, etc.)
  • Carrying cases of water and tennis balls
  • Guiding players to their courts
  • Assisting players with the smartphone app for scoring

If you are interested in volunteering for a future event, subscribe to the Volunteer Mailing list and keep an eye out for announcements through the TACK newsletter and social accounts.