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About Us

Tennis Association of Central Kentucky (TACK) is a community tennis association affiliated with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and USTA Kentucky. TACK is non-profit, and all members of the TACK board of directors donate their time to provide the best possible tennis experiences in Central Kentucky. Participation in USTA League Play requires membership in USTA, though TACK also sponsors its own events and tournaments.


Board of Directors

Joe Ross, President - email

Lisa Allen, Vice President & President-Elect - email

Clinton Colliver, Treasurer - email

Judy Craft, Secretary - email

Charles Matthews, Past President - email

Adam Bantz, Member at Large - email

Nina Begley, Member at Large - email

Janine Coy, Member at Large - email

Elisabeth "Stutzi" Hixson, Member at Large - email

Laurel Humbert-Stock, Member at Large - email

Dustin Ingram, Member at Large - email

Emily Pernice, Member at Large - email

Sarah Owens, Member at Large - email

Laura Singler, Member at Large - email 


Local League Coordinators

Tara McGuire - email
Contact Tara with questions about combo, fun, mixed, and singles, and tri-level leagues.

Leslie Russ - email
Contact Leslie with questions about adult, beginner, and singles leagues.

*Local League Coordinators (LLCs) are non-voting members of TACK and report to the Board of Directors.

Where to find us

Tennis Association of Central Kentucky
256 Larch LN Lexington US-KY 40511-2004