Louisville Tennis Association - Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis is a team format that has a minumin of 3 girls and 3 boys.  A match consist of 5 courts.  Team match has one court of boy's singles, one of girl's singles, one of boy's doubles, one of girl's doubles, and one of mixed double.  There are 4 age divisions with each being subdivided into immediate or advance player:

18 and under-intemediate/advance

14 and under-intermediate/advance

12 and under-intermediate/advance

10 and under-intermediate/advance

This program has advancement to Kentucky State Championship, Southern Section Championship, and National Championship. 

The coodinator of the program is Anne Bradshaw and Hannah Barnes.  You can reach them at louisvillejtt@gmail.com with any question that you have about JTT.