Flagstaff Tennis Association Serve Tennis Account - FTA Play Groups/Finding Players

FTA Play Groups

If you’re interested in joining a play group please contact us and we will notify the play group organizer 

Current Groups

  • Garcia 3.5 Women - Sunday 9-11 restarting in spring, may schedule midday in the winter if weather is warm enough - text sent out to group participants and group kept to first four or eight players who reply
  • Braun/Scheu 3.5 Women - Starting April 27th, 2021 Tuesday 4-6 ish pm depending on daylight & temps, may schedule midday in the winter if weather is warm enough - text sent out to group participants and group kept to first four or eight players who reply

We need more groups!  If you would like to form a group and have it listed on this page or wisth to participate, please contact FTA.


Ask a Local Pro:  Take a lesson from one of the pros in Flagstaff and ask them who might make a great tennis partner.  And after the lesson, share contact information with the folks who are in your group foand ask them if they know of any groups you can play with. 

Join the local drop-in tennis - play a few times with the group and then ask those who might play at your level if they want to also play elsewhere - or just keep coming back to drop-in!

See if there is an ongoing local USTA league that you can join!  Sign up for the USTA NAZ newsletter to get information about upcoming play opportunities.

Follow our Facebook Page - there may be opportunities for upcoming tennis events shared there!

Play in the Flagstaff tournament and ask those you play against for their contact information to connect for further tennis play!

Organize your own level group and list it on our Play Groups page!    There are many other folks like you in town who would love to join a fun group that plays regularily!

Get involved in the Flagstaff Tennis Association -- meet some great folks by helping to organize our annual tennis tournament, help organize tennis social events, and help make tennis happen in our great community!  Contact us if interested! 

Contact Flagstaff Tennis Association and we'll try to put you in touch with other tennis players at your level.