Youth tennis lessons and classes

Is your young player interested in playing tennis, wanting to train with teammates or looking to improve their ranking? Our programs are for the eager young player whether they have dreams of holding that trophy on center court of a grand slam or make some new friends. Our experienced staff is excited to work with your child. Our 10 and Under programs use all forms of low compression balls to ensure a fun, challenging, and social experience. Our Junior High and High School classes focus around technical skills and match play strategy, while our High-Performance classes are for the tournament player aspiring to play college tennis. At ETC we believe every player should be able to dream big and we are there to help them achieve their goals. We have helped players from all over the Midwest progress from level to level as they continue to learn to play the game, have fun and reach new highs!

Come join our programs and see first hand the improvements your child will make to their game as they continue to develop a love for the game of tennis. Our experienced staff will not only instruct and continue to work with the players, but they will also prepare them for the next level and class.


Red Ball (Stage 3) : For the beginner player up to 6 years of age. Juniors learn the basics of all tennis strokes with fun drills and games to spark interest. Smaller courts and slower, red balls are used.  Includes a free 21" racquet

Red Ball Registration Sheet


Orange Ball (Stage 2) : For the beginner or advanced beginner player 7-8 years of age. Orange balls are faster than red, with a lower bounce than green, and more implementation of advanced technique and tactics are introduced on a larger court. Includes a free 23" racquet 

Orange Ball Registration Sheet


Green Ball (Stage 1) : For the intermediate player 9-10 years of age. Green dot balls are faster than orange but with a lower bounce than yellow balls. Players will develop technique and movement while implementing advanced tactics. This play is at full court. Includes a free 25" racquet

Green Ball Registration Sheet


Middle School / High School Competition: To develop the high school or elite Jr. High school student into a competitive varsity player. Time will be devoted to consistency, stroke production, use of spin and singles and doubles strategies. 

Middle School / High School Competition Registration Sheet


High Performance 2: ETC membership is required for this program. This group targets the younger tournament players and less experienced high school players, seeking a USTA ranking and verified UTR. The junior must play at least six USTA tournaments per calendar year. Professional staff approval is required to participate.  

High Performance 2 Registration Sheet


High Performance 1: ETC membership is required for this program. Players must have a 2020 sectional or national ranking, verified UTR, and an extensive tournament schedule for 2021. Player must be a full-time student in ETC programs and have professional staff approval. Class emphasis is on college prep and beyond.  

High Performance 1 Registration Sheet


Junior High Performance: This program is for the 12 and under developing Jr. player who is already competing on a local level and wants to work hard to start competing at a district and sectional level. Players typically have goals and dreams of playing college tennis or beyond. Players will use a combination of green and yellow balls. Professional Staff approval is required.

Junior High Performance Registration Sheet


Quickstart Tennis: For the beginner player 5-14 years of age. Juniors will learn the basics of all tennis strokes with fun drills to spark interest. We will use Quickstart red, orange and green balls which bounce lower than yellow balls. Players are typically separated by age and skill when on  court. This class is partnered with the YMCA

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