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Reserving Courts / Lights at Swan Lake

You have more option to schedule your own tennis at your convenience, with a group of players, or with just one other person. You can go to the Parks and Recreation web site to see when a court is available, reserve one or more when YOU want to play, and have the lights turned on if you want to play in the evening. Try it out!

Swan Lake Tennis Complex:  

There are two links at the bottom of that page - one to check court availability, the other one is to reserve a court.

  1. Court Availability: 
  2. Reserve a Court:

           Scroll down to Swan Lake Tennis Courts to Reserve a Court; 

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Fall Rally Cats

The USTA Summer Rally Cats and Rally Cats Plus will be held on Monday's in September and October. Visit our Lessons and More page or go to to learn more and register.  



NXT LVL Fall Junior Tennis Clinics,   Click Here for More Information.

Stay Active Videos

Try this activity at home or on the court to work on hand-eye coordination and control. To make it more challenging, try spreading your arms out wider or letting the ball bounce higher. Try to see how many you can get in 30 seconds.

No court to play on at home? No problem! Make your own net at home using regular items from around the house. Get creative, but make sure to ask for permission from your parent or guardian before using!

Edgies works on your grips, specifically a continental grip. Using your racquet with a continental grip, try and see how many times you can hit the ball using the outer edge of your racquet. You got this!

More videos

Latest news

Here is the latest update on the Singles Ladder.

Here are the results from the Super 8 A and B Divisions Competition.

We are so so sad to have to cancel our event - the weather will be in 40-50 degrees. We don't want anyone getting hurt after eatting all that sugar c...

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2023 Membership is just $10

The CTA Membership is required to play in CTA leagues and some sponsored events.  Another recently-added advantage of CTA membership is that CTA members may use the tennis courts at Austin Peay for no charge and may purchase Foy Center membership at a discounted rate.  Foy Center membership entitles you to use all of their facilities, including the pool.  See related "News" article for more details on using APSU tennis courts.

Note change in membership policy - Although we still encourage you to join USTA also and support their programs, CTA membership will no longer be "complimentary" with USTA membership.

COST:   $10 / year