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Community Tennis Association

USTA Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) are not-for-profit, volunteer-based organizations supporting programs that grow the game of tennis. They are located in towns across the country and are great entry points if you’re looking to get started in the game, to play more often or to give back to our lifetime sport.

What can a CTA accomplish?

Clubs, teaching professionals, after school programs, and public parks are just a few of the tennis related entities that coexist in a community. In many instances, it may appear that the tennis community is fragmented and unconnected. This is where the formation of a CTA can provide an umbrella and seek to pull together these numerous elements of the tennis ecosystem. With the coordinated effort from a CTA, the biggest benefactor will be the current or potential tennis players.

When there is an active and engaged CTA that has created a strong community presence, the organization allows multiple people to be involved and contribute to the overall mission. The formation of a diverse and connected board ensures the continuity of the CTA beyond just one individual. In addition, the tennis advocacy message is much more powerful when it is delivered from an organized and united effort of a CTA. 

We are proud to say that the UPTA CTA is very involved and one of the largest and most active in the state of South Carolina. We partner with multiple organizations in the upstate to donate, host programming, and raise awareness about the game of tennis!  

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