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South Philadelphia Tennis Association “This ain’t no country club!”

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“This ain’t no country club!”

Welcome to The South Philadelphia Tennis Association

The SPTA Mission is to:

Provide the South Philadelphia area with the highest quality instructional, social and competitive programming,

Coordinate a team of local stakeholders for community outreach and education, providing our friends and families access to the unmatched health and social benifits of our unique sport.

Our "Play-To-Learn" approach will have players hitting the ball back and forth the first day out. Juniors and/or adults will enjoy some exciting moments of learning the basics of the game's, by playing with new friends and  partners, and getting a feel for healthy shot-making and reliable shots you'll have fun telling others about.

Wear Loose clothing, lacen up those sneakers, and bring a towel and some water, because "This ain't no country club" and "It's more fun to hit the ball, then chasing it around to pick it up!"


The South Philadelphia Tennis Association was established under the USTA in 2011 for the purpose of offering “Instructional, Social and Competitive Tennis Programming” to South Philadelphia and it's surrounding communities. This lower-impact sport educates our participants with detailed instruction, safe play challenges, and neighborly social interaction. Our youth and adult players experience a fun-first environment while reaping the benifits of a whole rounded presentation of the game through our "Play to Learn" Approach. For juniors you can see raised levels of mindfullness in the areas of responsible sportsmanship,as well as personal effort and contribution, Adult pplayers enjoy these processes with their peers, using teamwork, cooperation, and incrimental challenges in help accomplish each others goals. We are forever greatfull to The USTA, primarily it's Middle States Section, and The Philadelphia Tennis District for thrier support. The USTA is unmatched in it's commitment to resources, content, and opportunity provided to communities everywhere. Our amazing partnership continues the tradition of grass-root outreach,and  brings the latest dynamic platforms and mediums to our network. The on-court activities and presentations we are capable to bring to our neighborhoods, keeps our players informed and instructed with the most current physical and mental techniques, providing them with the sense of comfort and confidence which extends outside the lines of a tennis court, into their everyday lives.

Adults and families as a whole can benefit from the advantages of this life-long sport in a socially competitive and festive environment. Makes new friends and network with what is truly 'Philly's Phinest." Join the adventurous crowd of everyday, hard-working and forever youthfull proffessionals of today.  Beginners to advanced, younger and older, male or female (even the occasional K-9!) can all join in on this totally inclusive sport that knows no boundaries.

The ball is in your court, let's hit a winner!

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