NE Texas Coalition Ta - Agenda Next Meeting

Agenda Next Meeting

Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Annual General Meeting: TDD
Cascades, Stretford (high rise) : 
Proposed Agenda
(Modified: November 13, 2023)

​Present might be: Mark H, Judy, H, Edward K, Jim M, Gary O, Melinda R, Melissa W
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  1. Meeting will be called to order
  2. Standing Items:
    1. Review agenda & plan meeting. <HL> USTA Texas CTA Toolkit 
    2. Approve minutes from previous meeting
    3. Treasurer's report and financial review <HL> Actuals through 2022  + budget)
    4. Other officer reports
    5. League reviews: USTA adult & JTT <HL> Adult Stats and JTT Stats
      1. Encourage League leadership: organizations, directors, captains
        1. show league poster and discuss locations they can be placed around town.  Solicit help in getting them put up – shops, public spaces, schools, etc.
        2. discuss and plan out beginner clinics subsidized by NETX (James Daly discussion).  Goal is to increase league players and get 2.5 & Lonestar captains committed.  James has pro in training that would work or could enlist Chris to do them
        3. discuss Jackets/prizes for team captains for 2024
        4. Players' Party, incentives, awards, thank-you and prizes 
        5. JTT 
    6. Recruitment, succession planning, training, responsibilities: officers and board
  3. Old Business:
    1. Marketing: email blast, Facebook, "Club" Poster
    2. WTA event at TASC - what's our participation ?
  4. New Business
    1. Approve all informal votes since last meeting like: 
    2. Plan for Spring 2024 -
      1. Status on League Schedule 
      2. captains/players social evening, gifts for league captan/players, tournament (tennis/pickleball), beginner lessons sponsored by NeTxCTA, other ideas to discuss
    3. Trainings attended
      1. 9/7 CTA Coffee Hour & noon: meet w Kaylie re: PR and social media
      2. 9/12 CTA Learning Series - Marketing to grow leagues 
      3. 9/13 Meet with Fernando and Casy Herridge at CATA re: growing leagues <HL> notes from meeting
      4. 9/14 Meet with Katy and Rachel re: growing leagues 
    4. other news:
      1. 11/13 Gary O. resigns as Chair / President effective Jan 1 
      2. 11/13  Jim M. resigns effective immediately (after Gary's announcement) 
  5. Ending Items:
    1. Next meeting is _________
    2. Meeting Adjourned