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United States Blind Tennis Association The USBTA is expanding opportunities all around the United States.

About the USBTA and Blind & Visually Impaired Tennis

The United States Blind Tennis Association (USBTA) is leading the way in bringing Blind and Visually Impaired tennis to the mainstream. USBTA was founded in 2022 by Highland Park Tennis Club President Dana Costa.

The organization works closely with the United States Tennis Association (nationally and locally) to bring tennis opportunities to a community that has been traditionally underrepresented. In a short time as an organization, USBTA has already conducted trainings and introduced programming in numerous states. USBTA is also further developing the sport through its research.

The organization has been recognized locally and nationally with a number of awards. Costa was recently named the recipient of a USTA National Adaptive Award.

Blind/VI tennis continues to grow. Mioshi Takei, a blind Japanese athlete, created the sport in 1984. Takei designed a ball that made a sound, raised lines so a player could feel, and lowered the net among other adaptations. In 2014 the International Blind Tennis Association (IBTA) was formed to regulate and oversee the sport.

Today, Blind/VI Tennis is played all over the world.

Organizations interested in partnering with this initiative can contact USBTA President Dana Costa