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Smart. Accessible. Secure

For you and your players

The SmartAccess system is the stress-free way to manage your court reservations, venue access, payments and memberships/permits.

Brought to you by Serve Tennis and the USTA.

Choose from the installed or padlock versions detailed below and check out the offers available, courtesy of the USTA.

Key Features

Manage your venue remotely

Making it easier for people to book, pay and access your facilities

Multiple venues, one place

If you have more than one venue, you can manage all your resources from one area.

Simplify your processes

Set up schedules, booking rules and payments online and then you’re ready to take bookings.

Promote your safe and secure environments

Stop unwanted parties accessing day or night, protecting your players and facilities with the SmartAccess gate entry system.

Ensure everyone pays
for their time.

Turn casual players into long-term members.

Access Real-time reports
and insight

View resource utilisation, facility revenue, booking patterns and more.

For your players or members

1. Book on the venue website

It’s quick and easy to find your local venue online
Choose a time to play
- Select when you want to play and pay online.

2. Receive a secure online access PIN code

When your booking is confirmed, you'll receive an email with a unique pin code.

Your pin code is only valid for the duration of your booking.

3. Access the venue and start playing

Simply turn up and type in your access code and you’re ready to play.

Enjoy the game!

No wifi? No Problem!

Setting up SmartAccess without the need for wifi significantly reduces the cost of implementation and enables a much faster route to better managing your site. 
Our solutions run on batteries which can easily be changed and DO NOT require any internet connectivity to run.

There are two solutions currently available:

Padlock solution

A padlock that offers hassle-free installation. Customers simply enter a unique pin number to enter.

This option is FREE courtesy of the USTA.    

Installed lock solution

An installed lock requires a permanent installation process, with added security in the form of a self-closing and self-locking mechanism.

A grant may be available from the USTA for 50% of the cost, up to the total value of $5K.

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