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The San Antonio Tennis Association is a local non-profit located at the City of San Antonio McFarlin Tennis Center. Our Mission is "to promote and develop the lifetime sport of tennis as a means of healthful recreation, physical fitness, social skill development and character building and to provide accessible tennis programming to players of all ages and abilities regardless of background, circumstance or lifestyle.​​"

Our organization is divided into 3 pillars- Programs, Tournaments and Leagues.  



Our Programs host a large variety of Tennis Clinics as well as Fitness activities for borh youth and adults.

For our younger tennis players, we run year round NJTL(National Junior Tennis & Learning) Clinics at various locations throughout San Antonio and surrounding rural areas monthly from Sept - May. We provide help with homework and then play tennis on the courts.  We assess players based on their skill level and provide match play opportunities twice a month as a pathway to Junior Team Tennnis. 

Junior Team Tennis is a season that runs in Spring, Summer(scrimmage) and Fall seasons.  Spring and Fall Seasons compete to go to Sectionals (State).  

Summer Camp(a 6-week program), is an extention of our NJTL year round program is an effort to recruit new players and stay active in the summer at over 10 locations. 

Specialized Tennis Clinics are a hit for both Juniors and Adulst.

We also proudly host Fitness in the Park at 3 locations for all ages(youth & adults) in collaboration with the City of San Antonio Parks and Rec. 

For our seniors we have a no-cost 60+ Tennis Clinic..

For adults, we have match-ready clinics and match play sessions where we put on WTN(World Tennis Number) Events so players can work towards their proper rating and prepare them for the next step: Tournaments and Leagues.


Our Tournaments and Leagues are a great opportunity for those who love Tennis and want to challenge themselves competitively.

Our Leagues are for those with more time commitment as they run per session while our Tournaments are hosted per date for specific experience levels and age ranges.