Rockland Community Tennis - Multi-sport play w/ RCTA & Piermont Police Athletic League

Multi-sport play w/ RCTA & Piermont Police Athletic League

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Rockland, NY - Nyack resident and former DIII collegiate basketball  player, Tybeius “Tibby” Davis found his own way to give back to his community. In collaboration with the Piermont Police Athletic League (PAL) and Rockland Community Tennis Association (RCTA), Tibby will spearhead a community enrichment co-ed basketball program at the Piermont Community Center for children grades K-2.

While the Piermont Police Athletic League will provide the facility, RCTA will subsidize the program with the additional resources required to kickstart the year-long basketball initiative. “The United States Tennis Association’s American Development Model focuses on 3 distinct stages for developing players,” says RCTA co-founder, Dennis Zaide, “ the first being development and learning with a focus on fun, friendship, and multi-sport play. It was a natural fit for us to support a community basketball initiative.”

With a curriculum tentatively structured for each group to meet at least once a week for a 50 minute practice and an additional day dedicated to game time for 12 weeks each season, children ages 5-7 will have the opportunity to consistently learn and continue to improve in a sport all year round. The 12 practice plans for our young rookies will focus on having fun, being active, and learning the basic fundamental skills of basketball. As the children progress, the fundamental skills will be honed and expanded upon while the players develop an understanding of what it means to be a part of a team.

“It is exciting to see the energy and collaboration happening at the community center,” says Piermont Police Athletic League Director, Tahlaad Mahboeb. “I am confident that every member of the team who put together such a wonderful opportunity for the kids will foster an exceptional experience,,” he adds.

With the launch of Rockland Community Basketball, , the team invites your 5-7 year old boys and girls to come join us on Tuesday, May 17 for a free clinic and an opportunity to have some fun. Starting at 4pm for the first group, additional sessions will be available at 5pm and 6pm to accommodate more children if needed.

No stranger to the hard work and dedication it takes to be a collegiate athlete, Tibby says, “As an individual who is active in multiple sports and already spending a good amount of time at the center hooping and boxing, it was an opportunity that I would absolutely enjoy to help drive forward.” He then adds “I’d like to give back by sharing what I’ve learned as a collegiate basketball player at Tompkins Cortland and make use of my previous experience working with children as a counselor.”

For registration please go to For questions, additional information and other play opportunities, email or call (917) 977-0332.

— Check out what some high profile athletes have to say about multi-sport participation

“For the kids, the most important thing is to have fun. They have to enjoy life, they have to play different sports, they have to enjoy every single day.” ~ Rafa Nadal

”I found that doing different sports you learn different techniques. Training techniques, Footwork techniques. Even when you;re playing one sport. The coach. The club. Cross train.” ~ Kobe Bryant

“There are so many benefits playing all types of different sports and I think when kids play multiple sports you can really find what you love. It’s also great for hand-eye coordination and staying active and not being at home.” ~ Sloane Stevens

“It’s helped me in a way of not getting bored of the game. I would tell kids out there, ‘Do other sports too!’” ~ Roger Federer

“When I put the rackets away and pick up the basketball and vice versa, it was a very good thing.” ~ John Isner

About Piermont Police Athletic League
It is the mission of the Piermont Police Athletic League to offer youths the opportunity to create positive relationships with Police Officers and community volunteers through athletic and cultural activities, to build individual self esteem through team play and hard work and to use supervised activities as a way to promote positive choices.

About Rockland Community Tennis Association (RCTA)
RCTA is nonprofit 501(c)(3), a registered Community Tennis Association of the United States Tennis Association (USTA)  and an official member of Net Generation. It creates, implements, and organizes tennis events and activities for our community. RCTA is committed to the growth of youth tennis.