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MCTA Community Tennis USTA Website

This is a USTA-hosted Community Tennis Association website for the Mid-Columbia Tennis Association. This is the official website for MCTA membership registration and login access to manage the technical support and organization for local tennis leagues, tournaments, tennis social and community tennis programming. 

MCTA Mission Statement

"To grow the lifelong sport of tennis throughout the Mid-Columbia community by providing equipment, opportunity & resources”

Mid-Columbia Tennis Association Website

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  • MCTA Membership - an annual nominal fee to facilitate the basic administration and maintenance of MCTA activities. Membership shall include the following free and discounted benefits:
    • Free tennis clinics and drop-in play
    • Discounted tennis leagues
    • Discounted official MCTA-hosted tennis tournaments for adults and juniors
  • Tennis Leagues - an outdoor area tennis league open to the public on a seasonal basis for a period of up 6-8 weeks. Interested participants will need to register on this website with a free USTA number. All participants will need to register for a free USTA number by creating an account at www.usta.com. 
  • Tennis Clinics and Drop-In Play - a tennis activity available to the general public and benefit to MCTA members that includes an instructor to introduce a tennis skill-building exercise, followed by free play with participants.
  • Tennis Tournaments (Adult and Junior events) - a schedule and registration links for official MCTA-hosted tournaments endorsed by the USTA, along with other Mid-Columbia region tournament offerings at public and private facilities (open to the general public).




MCTA Membership

To help support us and continue the efforts we are doing in the community please consider a membership to the MCTA! 

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