Idaho Wheelchair Tennis Association - Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President - Kevin Falk

After a motorcycle accident in Aug. of 2008 and being introduced to Wheelchair basket a year or so later it eventually brought me to the Idaho Wheelchair Tennis Association. I have been getting reacquainted with the great sport of tennis but this time in a Sports Adaptive Tennis Chair. Starting off as a player in the IWTA it has now lead me to be more involved in the sport and help introduce and grow it for other players. Currently President of the IWTA my goal is to help find nurture and create a fun tennis environment for all players and their families and to inspire the new Paralympians from Idaho.


Vice President/Equipment Manager - Steve Baxter

My connection with IWTA began in July of 2009 at a clinic, where I was first introduced to wheelchair tennis. Nearly a decade later, I continue to get more involved with each passing year, accepting positions of Equipment Manager, Program Director, and as of this year, Vice President. My new responsibilities as VP are more forward-thinking, with my focus now on how best to help the IWTA grow and achieve our mission on a larger scale. My personal goal is to increase the organization's visibility in the community, and increase fundraising efforts to better support our mission.


Secretary/Webmaster - Mark Sams

 I started with the IWTA in the late 90's.  I was not involved for a while and then returned to a board filled with terrific, generous people.  I am very fortunate to be associated with wonderful chair players as well as able bodied players.  It is amazing to see the kids come out to play tennis and really get excited about something that is so fun and healthy for them.  I look forward to continue working to grow this great sport!


Treasurer - Paul Bradley



Program Director - Eugene Sanders

It is my personal philosophy that an individual's main goal is to chase his or her highest excitement. Various avenues may open and close during this pursuit, however, I believe a life full of pure passion is the only one worth living.

       Six years ago I was snowboarding above my cabin where I made a homemade jump with my friend. Long story short, I flew off the jump in an unintended way, fell onto a rock, and obliterated my T12 vertebrae. I was flown to the hospital where I was told I suffered a complete spinal cord injury and I would never walk for the rest of my days. This drudging change made the next few years of my life most abysmal.

      I found wheelchair tennis through a fellow paralyzed friend. I have been playing nonstop since. The sport naturally transitioned into my life's direction as it is the most enjoyable and exhilerating activity I have ever experienced. Adaptive tennis is teaching me valuable lessons in patience, concentration, and discipline. With my growing knowledge of these skills, I aspire to become an accomplished wheelchair tennis player.