Evansville Community Tennis Association - Ryan McDaniel Wins Multiple Coaching Awards

Ryan McDaniel Wins Multiple Coaching Awards

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On August 18, 2016 Ryan McDaniel accepted the USPTA Midwest Indiana Coach of the Year Award at the Western Southern Open. This is awarded to an individual for their contributions to local tennis, club achievement, career development, volunteer work, professional rating, and contributions to the USPTA.

Ryan McDaniel earned another USPTA award later in the year - USPTA U30 Award. An award that honors the top professional age 30 or younger. This award is presented to a USPTA member who is under 30. This member, through their tennis, teaching and volunteer spirit, has increased the opportunities for others to participate in tennis. The grassroots program or initiative of this member can incorporate but not limited to multicultural activities and events. This member exemplifies and emphasizes individual achievement and sportsmanship along with teaching the physical attributes of the sport. While they may not previously received national or other significant recognition from the USPTA or USTA for their contributions to tennis, they are well known in their communities and are true advocates of tennis. Their commitment to grassroots tennis has made and indelible impression on their community. This member has also serve the USPTA in one capacity or another.

Ryan was also awarded the ITA College Coach of the Year award in 2015, while serving as an assistant at the University of Southern Indiana.