East Brunswick Youth Tennis - EBYT FAQs


EBYT Training Programs FAQs

All training programs will be held at the Tennis park at 350 Dunham Corner Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

The Organge and green ball program will use the front 4 courts.  RedBall will be on the top 2 courts.

Green Ball: 10am - 11am

Orange Ball : 11:15 am - 12:15pm ,

Red Ball : 12:30pm - 130pm

Stay home if you are not feeling well.• Stay home if you have come in close contact with someone who has been infected with Covid-19, and contact your healthcare provider for guidance.

Q1. If parents have questions regarding programs, whom should they contact?
A. Please email EBYouthTennis.Org@gmail.com, with your questions.

Q2. When does the 2024 Spring program start ?
A. The 8 week Fall program begins on April 13th (with an off day on Memorial day (May 25th). .

Q3. What criteria are taken into consideration when placing kids in different groups?
A. The program will offer two levels of training (Red and Orange/Green) based on age and ability levels, with specific consideration to growth and developmental stages. Our Head Coach will evaluate the kids in order to best place them into the appropriate group.

Q4. What is the EBYT Policy for refunds?
A. Refund requests will be considered via Refund Request Form if submitted 5 days prior to the start of the program.  EBYT reserves the right to finalize and make all decisions regarding refunds.

Q5. What is the EBYT Policy for make ups?
A. EBYT does not give make ups (Example - no make up for a rain day)

Q6. What is the EBYT Policy for sick days, doctor's visit, any days missed or cancellations?
A. EBYT does not offer credits or refunds for these days.  If a child must drop out of a program, due to a medical concern or issue, we require a note from their physician.

Q7. What should Kids wear to the Program?
A. Comfortable athletic wear like t-shirt and shorts/skirts , if weather is chilly then a light jacket and pants and non-marking tennis shoes or athletic/sports shoes. Strictly NO jeans/floaters/open shoes/ formal shoes.

Q8. What Should My Child Bring to Class?
A. We ask that your child carry a Tennis racquet that fits his/her age and size.
Beginner tennis rackets can be bought at Dicks sporting goods or other local stores that carry sports equipment's.
Red ball: Ages 5-7 need 21 or 23 inches racket  
Orange ball: Ages 8-10 needs 23 or 25 inches racket.
Green/Yellow ball: Ages 10+ need 25 or 27 inches (regular size) racket.

We also ask that your child bring sufficient water to each session.

Q9. Which training program should I register my child for?
A. We recommend children between the ages of 5 to 15 register for our program. Below is the guidance that our coach recommends. 

Red Ball program: recommended for tennis development for kids 5-7 years old. This program will be conducted in the small pickle ball courts with small nets and smaller courts. Kids will hit with bigger and less bouncer Red color tennis balls. The aim of the program is introduce the kid to fun activities on the court , along with learning tennis.

Orange Ball program: recommended for tennis development for kids between 8-10 years old. This program is conducted on a regular tennis court with orange balls. The aim of the program is to develop balance & agility along with learning tennis. Our coach recommends this program for average height 11 year old kids as well.

Green ball program: recommended for tennis development for kids older than 10 years old. This program is conducted on a regular tennis courts with Green balls. The aim of the program is to develop speed, balance & agility along with learning tennis. our coach recommends continuing playing with green ball as it helps with point construction.

Q10. What should I expect if it rains on the day of the program?
A. EBYT only has the permit from the town to run the tennis program on outdoor courts at Community park. For the safety of our young athletes , program will be canceled if the courts are wet. We do not have any makeup policy. 

A notification will be sent atleast 30 mins in advance of the event. please check your emails. please follow us on social media platform for direct announcements.