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Tennis and Pickleball

21 Outdoor Tennis Courts & 10 Outdoor Pickleball Courts 

Billings Parks and Recreation provides year Round Tennis and Pickleball Programming. Visit Billings Parks and Recreation to see the latest in what we have to offer. 

Tennis and Pickleball Court Locations

Tennis Only: Pioneer Park 301 Parkhill Dr. 9 Outdoor Court ***3 Courts with Lights***

Tennis Only: Rose Park  1707 21st St W. 4 Outdoor Courts 

Pickleball Only: Lillis Park Parkview Drive & Yellowstone Avenue. 6 Dedicated Pickleball Courts. RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE for PICKLEBALL ONLY.

Tennis and Pickleball: North Park 6th Avenue North & North 19th Street. 1 Court Lined for Pickleball

Tennis and Pickleball: Central Park Central Ave and 8th St. West. 4 Outdoor Pickleball, 3 Tennis Courts. RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE for PICKLEBALL ONLY. Complex with ***Lights***

Tennis and Pickleball: Castle Rock Park W Wicks Ln & Nutter Blvd. 4 Outdoor Courts (2 With Ghostlines for Pickleball)





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