Pleasant Valley Tennis Association - Who We Are

Who We Are

We believe that tennis teaches fundamental life skills — critical thinking, sportsmanship, self-confidence and dedication. But cost often acts as a barrier to the game.

We are removing that barrier for children in Arkansas. Our nonprofit provides access to tennis for underserved children and families in Arkansas, particularly kids in low-income houses or those with disabilities.


We Provide:

  • Scholarships that give kids free tennis lessons or drills
  • Programs or Fun Days where kids can learn fundamental tennis skills in a group setting  
  • Tennis equipment such as racquets, balls and shoes


Board Members 

Wendie Weare | President

Julio Olaya | Vice President

Marsha Guffey | Secretary

Sheila Sharp | Treasurer

Deanna Garretson

Sean Massey

Rachel Kremer

Jessica Donahue


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