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About this event

Wed, Jun 15, 2022

9:00 am - 10:45 am

8 - 18 years old



Kyle Jewett

What to expect from Round Robin

A Round Robin is a single event, non-elimination tournament draw format, that lasts for only up to a half-day. This event format is designed for junior recreational players who are looking to try a tournament experience that allows them to compete as an individual or a doubles team. A Round Robin encourages players by guaranteeing individual match play. Tournament Directors will do their best to place players in groups based on their rating and level of experience, including orange, green, and yellow ball. This will help ensure an appropriate competitive level and positive sportsmanship through level-based play.

Notes from the coach

Junior Round Robin and games held at Capital High School. 

This session is geared towards intermediate tennis players looking for gain match play experience in a fun flexible format. 

We will play singles, doubles, and games in round robin/team formats. 

Play will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 10:45 AM.


Need more information?

Contact Idaho Tennis Association on


Phone: 208-995-9170

Where to find us

Capital High School
8055 west goddard road, boise, ID 83704

No sessions available

There are no sessions available.

No sessions available

There are no sessions available.