NE Texas Coalition Ta - Minutes May 6, 2018

Minutes May 6, 2018

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Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Officers Meeting minutes from Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 11:30 am
(Modified: May 9, 2018

Present were: Andrea B, Karen F, Edward K, Deb M, Meg R
*until you click them, the hot links are hard to see so look for <HL>

  1. 11:30 Meeting called to order

  2.   review adult league stats. Andrea and Edward will update page to include last 2 years.

  3.   discuss other changes to agenda standing items

  4. 11:45 Karen W. organized a Net Generation Training for Longview which will be on May 23rd.
        if you are interested in attending <HL> contact Mike Carter for information

  5. Chis Blaire at a Longview country club is looking at building new courts
      in support, Andrea found there are 280+ USTA members in a 15 mile radius from his facility

  6. 11:55 discuss changes in Local club leadership

  7. Millennial Social and League: Social for players 18-39 at Holly Tree on June 3rd.
      followed by a 4 week league on Sunday Afternoons.
      Cascades will host the second social in December

  8. 12:10 Social media presence is growing. Thanks for all your efforts Karen!!
      recent post had 619 views

  9. 12:17 Discuss our, NETX, tournament strategy in context with Hope Open and Holytree Davis Cup
    When? July or October seem to be best months.  Cobenificiary?  Wounded Warriors?

  10. 12:22 Research school field trips to upcoming pro event in Tyler. The RBC Challenge

  11. Approve two informal actions: 1) insurance $565, 2) JTT prizes $350 and site director pay, $100

  12. Table discussion on coordinator pay review

  13. Next meeting will be June 18th at Meg's office.

  14. 12:30 Meeting adjourned.