NE Texas Coalition Ta - Minutes January 8, 2018

Minutes January 8, 2018

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Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Officers Meeting on January 8, 2018
(Modified: January 8, 2018)


Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Karen F, Laura G, Edward K, Alex L, Deb M, David P, Meg R
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  1. 11:30 Meeting called to order followed by introductions 

  2. 11:38 Starting beginner leagues: Andrea talked with Judy who suggested Karen M. as a resource as she, Judy was not teaching  and planned to be out of country. (2) Andrea had 2 other emails about ladies interested in beginner tennis. (3) apparently Todd L. has beginner ladies too. (4) conversation discovered several more names and ideas which were passed to Andrea and she will pursue probably as Lonestar, which has some USTA-TX incentives (5) motioned passed to incentivize pros $100 per contributed team. 

  3. 11:41 Approve minutes from previous meeting

  4. Treasurer's report approved as presented  <HL> Actuals through 2016 + budget

  5. JTT is doing sign-ups now. Edward to ask Will to include Coalition Emails in JTT correspondence 
    <HL> JTT Spring 2018 info flier pasted into information page

  6. 11:43 Captains meeting went well. About 30 people attended. Good annual information session. 

  7. PR report: reached out to pros (2) worked on Facebook page (3) Will do a Pro Highlight and include events open to public, like community mixers (while leaving club only events, pricing... for clubs to promote on their own) (4) Plans to reach out to coaches. Andrea to help with contact information (5) initiated more website info for Juniors and will focus on JTT info additions and updates. (6) Facebook Surveys and opinion polls: Andrea happy to provide guidance and Meg as resource too

  8. 11:50 TSR report: (1) Leadership forum on Jan 25th. Meg unavailable, Edward to check with Alexandra about attending as Exec rep. Other officers to check schedules. (2) Annual USTA-TX meeting on Feb. 23-25. Deb will be there attending buyers show and will attend sessions as her schedule permit. Other officers checking schedules (3) Some officers did not see notes from Alexandra. Edward to check her distribution. Andrea to send officer contact info to Laura. (4) Quarterly Email blast from USTA-TX to their database of players and organizations in our area are no longer available.
  9. 11:55 Hosting Sectionals plans - Andrea has put in place for hosting 55&over Mixed Nov. 9-11  

  10. RBC Challenge: Meg passed summation of last tournament from organizers to Karen. No dates yet for 2018 tournament.

  11. 1st Aces Youth Events - <HL> status news ...

  12. 11:59 Andrea and David joining forces to formulate, promote, organize, ... Millennial Leagues. (2) average age in 18&over is 45+ (2) Laura mentioned Spring College League which might be a good tie in 

  13. 12:06 Adult league report: (1) 40&Over will be about the same or bigger than last year. (2) some discussion on capping teams at a certain number. (3) Discussion on captain team management to make leagues fun for different player levels and interest (4) National rule is you may play up one division, a 3.5 player may play on a 4.0 team but not a 4.5 team. (5) In the past, we have had a local rule that at least 50% of your team must rate at the team level. 

  14. Other New Business and notes

    1. 12/5 noon. Quarterly call with USTA-TX <HL> Alexandra's talking points

    2. Mail received:

      1. 12/21 Email: Alexandra: Community Tennis Leadership Forum <HL> info pdf
        Forum is in Austin Jan 25th. Looking for officer volunteer(s). Free for you and spouse or friend
        USTA-TX or NETX will pay your expenses, meals, lodging travel.  (Meg is unable to attend)

  15. 12:20 Next meeting is Tuesday, March 6th at Meg's office

  16. 12:25 Meeting Adjourned