NE Texas Coalition T.A. - Minutes September 18, 2018

Minutes September 18, 2018

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Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Officers Meeting on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 11:30 am
(Modified: September 24, 2018)


Present were: Daryl B, Karen F, Laura G, Edward K, Meg R
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  1. 11:30 Meeting  called to order

  2. Minutes approved and Financial report accepted as presented.

  3. RBC Challenge  October 28th - November 3rd   ideas and actions for increasing attendance from area schools

    1. Edward will work with Andrea to coordinate with RBC people and inform schools of "free" field trip opportunities

    2. How does housing the pros work and can we help with that?

    3. What is the Aceing Autism - Pro Tournament connection and can we involve a local group to make it more "Tyler".

    4. What can we add on to Pro Tournament, events in Dallas?  More events in Tyler? Get the pros to schools?

  4. Sectionals rained out last weekend in Dallas and San Antonio -

  5. Andy Cohen UT Tyler Tennis Coach is giving free lessons to community on Wednesdays from 6-8. All skill levels welcome.

  6. Short discussion on our Super Bowl Tournament. Maybe have a Team Format? Randomly assigned?

  7. HOTT:  Home of Texas Tennis.  Please have enough indoor courts to successfully host sectionals.

  8. Discussion on how the different clubs are handling leagues. They want to increase participation vs. club members only.

  9. JTT: Will McDonald will run the fall league. Still looking for a coordinator for spring.

  10. TSR Report:  There are opportunities to serve on committees at USTA-TEXAS and then nationally.

    1. Pickle ball blended lines discussion. Agreement that "extra" lines are not noticed.

    2. Coach Sizemore at Lee is building his middle school tennis programs

    3. Have our area pros and coaches considered an Association?

    4. Longview Net Generation Training followup?

    5. <HL>Team Challenge initiative: equipment grants are available

    6. How can we better integrate JTT and Gran Prix

    7. We, the coalition, could help pros with marketing, pay the pro to have a free clinic?

  11. Next meeting is Monday, October 22 at 11:30

  12. 12:56 Meeting Adjourned