NE Texas Coalition Ta - Minutes June 19, 2018

Minutes June 19, 2018

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Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Officers Meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2018
(Modified: June 19, 2018)

Present were: Andrea B, Karen F, Laura G, Edward K, Deb M, Meg R
*until you click them, the hot links are hard to see so look for <HL>

  1. 11:30 Meeting called to order

  2. Approved minutes from previous meeting

  3. Treasurer's report approved as presented <HL> Actuals through 2017 + budget

  4. Discussion of when leagues are played on Sunday afternoons.
    2:00 is "Too Hot". 4:00 puts players home after dark
    Team captains may have some latitude as long as they balance court availability (which the coordinator has arranged)

  5. 11:43 Adult league review:
    1. Millennial league went well; about 30 people participated. More support from pros and clubs. 
      Andrea continues to encourage and foster play and involvement by arranging courts and matches
    2. Discussion on growing our adult leagues; encouraging team captains and pros support and increased participation
  6. 11:48 PR report:
    1. Each Facebook post is read by up to 300 people.
      Thanks Karen! You're desire, technical abilities and energy are a wonderful contribution
    2. NETX tournament: Facebook poll voted for October. September and October are already full
      Looking at a Feb 2. Pre-Superbowl / Valentine Tournament
    3. 11:57 Discussion of Pickleball Line grants and USTA's Pickleball strategy
  7. 12:03 RBC Challenge  October 28th - November 3rd
    1. NETX voted to be a $2,500 or so sponsor
    2. We allocated $5,000 to get kids at the tournament, on the courts and in the stands.
      Court and play times, meet the pros, games: return a pros serve, serve a meal ??? ...
    3. Continue working with Tournament Director and schools to flesh out plans
      Have early in the tournament, even qualifying rounds, while plenty of players are around
    4. Evening matches will allow additional opportunities
  8. 12:22 TSR Report:
    1. College Showcase in Waco coming up
    2. Net Generation training - National involvement On June 29 in Irving. <HL> More Info Here
    3. Longview Net Generation Training had great weather and 18 people - a big success
  9. 12:27 More League reviews: USTA adult & JTT <HL> Adult Stats and JTT Stats
    1. JTT coordinator position is currently being offered to the team at Willowbrook.
      James Daly, Director of Tennis and Will Stuart, our new JTT Coordinator?

    2. more discussion on growing leagues, our core assets

  10. Hosting 55&over mixed sectional, Nov. 9-11. Andrea has under control.
    Thanks Meg and Deb for helping her as needed with this and other tournaments, Dallas Sectional(s)

  11. New Business

    1. email: 6/6 CTA newsletter with Texas Facilities Grant link: <HL> pdf application which we might use for Faulkner or Pollard Park.

    2. NETX also highlighted for getting and using the 18-39 league grant - Thanks Andrea!!

  12. Next meeting is September 18.

  13. 12:33 Meeting Adjourned