NE Texas Coalition Ta - Minutes February 13, 2017

Minutes February 13, 2017

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Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Officers Meeting Minutes February 13, 2017  
(Modified: February 14, 2017)

Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Edward K, Deb M, Meg R.
*until you click them, the hot links are hard to see so look for <HL>

  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order

  2. Standing Items:

    1. Review agenda & plan meeting

    2. Tennis Tip: Fourth checkpoint in modern forehand is Wrap & Roll, finish your shot by wrapping your arm across your body. Your arm with roll, pronate naturally. Good default finish is looking over your elbow with the outside of your hand by your face.
      Past Tips: (3)fire & pull, 45/35, (2)pat dog, neck collar, (1)Wings, TBT, LDIRS, BLUR, Push the car, Count steps, Slam the door

    3. Approve minutes from previous meeting

    4. 6:35 Treasurer's report and financial review <HL> Actuals through 2016+budget
      Report approved pending clarification of YEC $13,000. 7 months or 10 months?

    5. TSR report and League reviews: USTA adult & JTT <HL> Adult Stats and JTT Stats

      1. Continued discussion of YEC contributions, JTT Fall 2016 2 Lindale teams, JTT Spring 4 Lindale teams.

      2. 6:48 USTA changing funding going forward to "merit" pay based mostly on participation in Adult, JTT leagues, HotShots and Adaptive tennis initiatives
           Netx Leauge Stats:
                                       Men       Women     Total
           Adult 40+  2016  149 (12) 220 (18)    369 (30)
                             2017  91 (7)     268 (19)    359 (26)
           Mixes 40+ 2016  46 (6)
                             2017  123 (9)
        There is a very active, 5 courts, men's league on Wed night at Cascades.

      3. JTT Fall 2016 best "product" in recent NETX JTT history, 13 teams. Spring 2017 - 21 teams.

      4. 6:54 Meg will work with Andrea to create proposal for continued funding of Youth Engagement efforts applicable to Ike and other interested coaches and pros

      5. review of what worked at Longview Adult Social

      6. 7:02 review and discussion of Adult league numbers.

      7. Motion approved to refund to JTT captains $4 per player due to $24 vs $28 charge per player. Prices were "advertised" as $24, but auto add by tennis link raised to $28.

      8. Motion approved to keep $28 / player JTT fee going forward ($24 + $4 TennisLink)

      9. 7:10 USTA-TX CTA advocate, Todd's replacement, Alex (female) is onboard as of today. Andrea invited her to attend a NETX meeting.

      10. NETX will not be hosting Sectionals in 2017-18.

      11. Cascades is moving into their fitness center / pro-shop building.

      12. TTS clubhouse is beautiful. Tyler facility modeled after New Braunfels. 12 courts to be completed soon.

      13. 7:29 Whitehouse has full time Tennis coach and approved 10 new courts at High School. Andrea and Edward will use Grow the Game Grant and other resources to update balls for Whitehouse Traveling Tennis bag and new balls and racquets to replenish TCTA Traveling bag that will be available to WISD.

      14. 7:30 Local, NETX, adult league rules discussion.

  3. Old Business..

  4. New Business

    1. Mail Received:

      1. 12/3 <HL> Capacity Building Grant Award Letter

      2. 12/9 CTA update with reminder to "renew" CTA with USTA
        done for NETX on TCTA on 12/14

    2. November 18: Quarterly CTA call with USTA-TX. <HL>Notes by Todd

    3. Change Snail Mail address from Faulkner Tennis Park - tabled

  5. Ending Items:

    1. 7:36.Next meeting to be scheduled as needed.  Phone meeting likely to approve Youth Engagement plan

    2. 7:40 Meeting adjourned