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Ogden Park Big Hitters Single Class


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About this program

9 - 12 years old


Mari Bishouty

Notes from the coach

This class will focus on stroke production, basic rallying and scorekeeping. Kids will learn proper stroke technique for forehands, backhand, volleys, overheads, and serves. This is an on going weekly class.

*Minimum of 4 participants to have class.  If only 1 student participates in a class, the cost will be $32.50 per 1/2 HR.  If only 2 students participate in a class, the cost will be $32.50 each for 1 hour. 

Bring cold water, hat, tennis racket and sunblock. 

Please provide email, otherwise you will not be notified of Rainouts.

No Makeups, refund only given for inclement weather. 

Single Class $20.00 Max: 6 per session 


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Contact Greater Wilmington Tennis Association on


Phone: 305-570-8656

Where to find us

Ogden Park
615 ogden park dr, wilmington, NC 28411

Sessions full

Sessions full