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Sat, Sep 18 - Sat, Oct 02, 2021

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Up to 12 years old



Ebenezer Dadzie

What to expect from Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a low pressure team environment that allows children to develop their skills through level based play without an emphasis on instruction or results. Players will enjoy free play, cooperative play, and team competition with short timed matches. Participants are expected to at least drop hit serve and sustain a modified rally to participate.

Prepare for playing

Before you get on court for the first time, find out more about participating in orange ball events


We believe in creating a positive and welcoming environment for all youth players. By focusing on play, building character, and championing individual challenges, we empower kids to grow and develop at their own pace.

Participant Level Requirement:

Players are expected to at least drop-hit serve from the service line over the net and sustain a modified rally (trapping, bumping, or hitting) to participate. If players attend and cannot sustain a rally or modified rally, they may participate in the skills portion of the program.


Need more information?

Contact Fairfax County Park Authority/Falls Church High School on

Email: ebendad1@gmail.com

Phone: 5714843254

Where to find us

Roundtree Park
3411 casilear road, falls church, VA 22042

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Sessions full