Eyes on the Ball Tennis - Summary of Covid Policy

Summary of Covid Policy

2022- Policy will be updated per NJ Dept of Health camp guidelines for 2022.

Please contact us with any concerns.

Covid-19 point of contact is Sharon Kavanaugh (Lead Coach), who is aware of Covid-19 symptoms, contact tracing process, and preventive measures for infection.  Lead Coach and Assistant Coach are both fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

Parents will be asked to confirm child is free of Covid-19 symptoms each day, and that child has not been in contact with a known or suspected Covid-19 infection in accordance with current guidelines.  This will be done via a health questionnaire available on-site when child is dropped off each day or by daily electronic communication. 

Campers will be instructed to use hand sanitizer during camp, to wash hands when they have access to sink (in bathroom), to cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and to wear masks when social distancing is not possible and not actively involved in athletic activities.  Hand sanitizer and tissues will be available on tennis court.  They will be told to inform staff if they do not feel well and to stay home if they do not feel well before camp.  Parents will be notified if child exhibits Covid-19 symptoms or any kind of symptoms.

General tennis etiquette has evolved during Covid to eliminate any hand-shakes or high-fives. This communication is now done with tapping racquets. Children are taught this in sessions.

Tennis is a socially-distanced sport, categorized as a low risk for Covid.  Social distancing of 6 feet is present in many activities.  Distance of at least 3 feet is present is nearly all activities.  Any activity less than 3 feet apart is less than a minute in duration.  All activities are outside.  Children will be apart, moving and running and highly active in hot weather.   When needed, rubber “spots” are used on the court to space children during games.  Campers are not required to wear masks when engaged in tennis and athletic skill activities.  When 6 feet distance cannot be obtained and children are not actively playing, masks will be recommended- except when eating and drinking.

All staff members are fully vaccinated for Covid-19.  In accordance with the CDC guidance of 5/13/21, masks are not required for fully vaccinated people.

Camp Equipment

Children are asked to bring water, a snack and a towel to sit on for a socially-distanced break in camps lasting more than 2 hours.  Camp will supply extra water, if needed, in disposable cups.

Children may bring their own tennis racquets or borrow one from camp.  Racquets will be labelled with child’s name.  Camp racquets will be cleaned between uses with an EPA approved cleaner.

Balls will only be used with camp attendees each week.  At this time, balls will not be sanitized after each use.  The USTA (United States Tennis Association) supports a Nov. 2020 study about the possible transmission of Covid-19 on sports balls, including tennis balls.  The study determined that the surface of sports balls are “unlikely to harbor SARS-CoV-2 in a manner that is compatible with risk of developing Covid-19 from handling the ball during normal play.  The International Tennis Federation Sport Science and Medicine Commission, the USTA Sport Science Committee, and the USTA Medical Advisory Group support this conclusion. The study also simulated a direct cough or sneeze on a ball and found that after a minimal number of rolls or bounces that virus was no longer present in an amount consistent with the potential for transmission.

Camps occur at public tennis courts.  Bathroom facilities are open to the public.  Children will be told to wash hands before returning to the tennis courts.  Distancing guidelines established by the park will be followed regarding bathroom use.  Campers will be escorted by a staff member.

Plan for an Infected Child or Staff

If the camp becomes aware of an individual who has tested positive for Covid-19, the local health department will be notified by either the parent or the camp.  All staff and campers in attendance with that person will be notified.  Testing will be recommended. Daily attendance is taken at camp.  If someone has tested positive, during the week of camp, they would not be returning during that camp session since it is only 4-5 days in length.  However, current CDC guidelines for any quarantine or isolation periods would be followed, if applicable.

Adjustments to the policies will be made, as appropriate, in accordance with updates from CDC or NJ Department of Health.  Policies are in alignment with current NJ youth sport recommendations and CDC guidance.