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BCTA Fall Team Tennis Challenge

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The 2022 Fall Team Tennis Challenge, held at the tennis courts of Council Rock North High School in Newtown, drew over 60 competitors, who brought along plenty of family and friends support.

Match play was divided into three age/skill divisions: Little Aces, Juniors, and Teens/Adults. In the Little Aces and Juniors divisions, every individual point accumulated toward the team’s total score. A bonus round involving a group tennis game gave each team a chance to jump ahead and added plenty of motivation to the competition.  Similarly, in the Teens/Adults division, every game (using tennis no-ad scoring) counted as a point toward the total team score.   

The athletes in all divisions were divided into Northern Bucks and Southern Bucks, and the teams were comprised primarily of athletes who practiced at BCTA locations in those regions.  Teams selected their own names in the youth divisions, and all teams played multiple rounds, competing with various teammates and against various opponents.



Southern Bucks Eagles Team (Gold Medal)

Yasmeen Chaudhary

Karjade Cooper

Hope Dennison

Zoe Elhyani

Noble Jolly

Cooper Kelso

Grant Kellman

Michael Stanca

Naomi Varughese

Northern Bucks Phillies Team (Silver Medal)

Lilyanna Ashby

Giuliana Bennett

Jason McFadden

Keshav Patel

Shane Riso

Becket Schmidt

Brighton Schmidt

Ava Simpson

The Little Aces division competed on 36-foot courts with red balls and produced some great rallies among the players. The Eagles jumped into the lead after the first two rounds and were able to  maintain  their margin throughout the competition—sealing their Gold Medal victory by winning the  Tennis Sandwich Team relay bonus.



Southern Bucks Cardinals Team (Silver Medal)

Bianca Baylosis

Sofia Corbin

Aleksandr Dakuginow

Matthew Lynch

Maura Mullin

Sarah Olguin

Shiv Patel

John Rody

Adrianna Shantzer

Lucas Wambold

Daria Zhukova

Northern Bucks Unbeatables Team (Gold Medal)

Sumaya Aziz

Charlotte Campagna

Vivian Campagna

Owen Czaplicki

Ethan Escoto

Eric Escoto

Aayush Patel

Asher Schmidt

Brad Schmidt

Lauren Staudenmeier

Olivia Yoon

Jin Yoon

The Juniors played on 78-foot courts with green balls, and before the bonus round, the Unbeatables led, 317–290. The Cardinals had an opportunity to snatch victory in the 30-point bonus round, but true to its name, the Unbeatables held off the Cardinal’s challenge by winning the Team Singles bonus game and going home with Gold Medals and a 347–290 victory. 



Southern Bucks Red Team (Gold Metal)

Keira Calista

Kathan Desai

Kiran Dolan

Leah Jiorle

Ivan Lee

Heather Martin

Rishi Patel

Nirmay Vashi

Annettte Zwick

Beth Clark

Northern Bucks Black Team (Silver Medal)

Lilly Atkinson

Anya Aziz

Grace Byrne

Abhay Chaturuthy

Aditi Chathuruthy

Matthew Eberhardt

Anna Oldfield

Efren Olguin

Lochlin Schmidt

Midway through the Teens/Adults division, which competed on 78-foot courts with yellow balls, the Southern Bucks Black team led, 37–24. While the Northern Bucks Red Team rallied in the second half, the Southern team stepped up to the challenge to hold onto a 73–60 Gold Medal victory.

“The energy level and enthusiasm was high all day,” said BCTA program director Laura Canfield. “All were great sports!” The participants were thrilled with their medals and sportsman awards of various tennis merchandise, and most important, enjoyed friendly competition and met fellow tennis players.

Many thanks to the BCTA Coaches throughout the county—especially Craig Batten, Tim Donney, and Steve Johnson, who assisted with the Fall Team Challenge—and volunteers, and particularly, a big thanks to the volunteer parents who helped with scoring the matches.




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