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Fun Competition with Team Tennis Challenge

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While the BCTA has implemented entry-level competition in for many years, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) initiated its Team Challenge pilot program as an introduction to competition that focuses on team play and character development, which the BCTA implemented this year. Athletes for the July 23 Team Challenge were identified by their respective BCTA coach to compete in one of three divisions: Red Ball (recommended ages 7–10 played on 36-foot courts), Green Ball (recommended ages 11–13), or Yellow Ball (recommended ages 14+). The friendly competition highlighted teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill development in a fun social environment.

For each division in the event, two teams were formed and teammates created their name, after which each team vied for medals as well as sportsmanship awards. Team champions and runners-up were determined by total team scores that were accumulated during round-robin matches in which every point won by a singles player/doubles team was added to the final team score. A bonus round of team singles finished the night of competition with loud cheers for “the last player standing.” BCTA coaches and volunteers were on hand to guide players and matches, and a number of parents helped with scorekeeping in the Red and Green Ball divisions.

Yellow Ball Division Teams

Upper/Central Bucks

Brandon Staehled, Justin Kwityn, Tyler Brown, Carolina Golden, and Sarah Kearney

Lower Bucks

Vincent Malizia, Cynthia Florek, Ritivk Sindia, Esin Gokgoz, and Xavier Robayo


Yellow Ball Division Results

Gold medal:  Upper/Central Bucks

Silver medal: Lower Bucks    


Red Ball Division Teams

Tennis Tigers and Monkeys

John Rody, Asher Mendelssohn, Elliott Mendelssohn, Steven Gong, Justin Huang, Victoria Powell, 

Madeline Powell, Trevor Malizia, Violet Friemann, and Bernadette Merksam

Tennis Stars

Kiera Donnelly, Quinn Donnelly, Taylor Wisniewski, Olivia Cabrera, Isabella Cabrera, Logan Hudson, Vivian Campagna, Charlotte Campagna, Owen Czaplicki, and Emily Zang

Red Ball Division Results

Gold medal: Tennis Stars

Silver medal: Tennis Tigers and Monkeys)


Green Ball Division Teams


Luca Wilson, Keira Check, Aven Burrows, Theodor Lentze, Kitsa Sarianos, Lochlin Schmidt, Kiernan Schmidt (Kiki), Thomas Campbell, and Riley Horner


Benjamin Gates, Quinn Jones, Lleyton Jones, Adam Alaoui, Katherine Bitting, Isaac Robayo, Ryan He, John David Plechner, and Daphne Stuart


Green Ball Division Results

Gold medal: Rallies

Silver medal: Snakes

“This was an especially fun group. It’s great to see players not only develop, but having fun.” said Laura Canfield, BCTA Program Director, who organized the Team Challenge.

The BCTA offers a sincere thank you to the following: Council Rock School District for making its facility available and USTA Middle States for providing the Sportsmanship prizes for the event.

Special thanks goes to the parent volunteers who helped keep score as well as to the BCTA coaches—Steve Johnson, Arden Williams and Jim Dalo—and volunteers who assisted players with round-robin scoring and with playing tips. Of course, thanks also goes to all the players’ sideline support who appreciate a point well played.

Congratulations to all who participated in last Friday’s team challenge events.  Photos are on the BCTA Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057512535118.


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